Like many people, I like to travel. Here’s some stuff related to my travels. Since 2009 I’ve kept a travelogue for my bigger trips at my Excursions blog.

Travel challenge status

Back in 2016 I took on a travel challenge where resolved to have visited more countries and states (subject to the cap of 50) than my age for the rest of my life. If you know my age, you can check the list to determine my current status.

In order for a visit to count, I need to have spent the night or done something of significance in that place. I.e., driving through or a layover for a flight connection does not count.

Old events and travelogues

I hope to eventually migrate some of my old event and trip logs (from before my Excursions blog was set up) to this site. It’s not so straightforward with format changes and all, but should be doable without too much work. Though some of it is a bit cringeworthy, so I don’t know if I’ll bring much over. Watch this space.